WordPress Website Design Tips

Looking to set up a website on WordPress, but don’t know where to begin? Many website admins tend to get confused when it comes to this process and do not have a complete grasp of what the market is looking for and what they should be doing in regards to their own WordPress blog. The best approach is to use the tips that are going to be provided here to design the website appropriately. Quality website designing is going to change the outlook of the website in the short and long term plus it adds a sense of legitimacy that his hard to match with anything else.


I know doesn’t need to be mentioned these days but there are so many websites in the web-o-sphere that do not have responsive designs it is almost unbelievable.

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It all begins with the aesthetics of your website design because when it does not look good, it is not going to jive with your personal expectations. Make sure the time that is being spent on the design is placing an emphasis on how it looks as that is going to set the first impression that a person is in search of in the first place. When the first impression is good, the rest is going to fall into place as required. The aesthetics are a key component of making sure things end up being as perfect as possible.

Ease of Access

The information that is going to be provided on the website is perhaps the most important part of the design itself. The content has to be up to par with the expectations that the target market is going to have, but it should also be easy to access. The biggest issue a lot of people tend to have when they go on a poorly designed website has to do with how the information is hidden under a lot of links that are hard to discover and just do not make a lot of sense.

Bright and Consistent Font Sizes

The last component that should be looked at would be the font sizes. Sit back and look at how the font sizes appear because this is going to play a large role in the long run. Make sure the font sizes are picture perfect at all times. This will enable the users to understand that they are reading something that is simple to understand and will not hurt their eyes.

It can be a very frustrating experience to deal with font sizes that are mediocre, and most people get frustrated by this in the long run and would rather go somewhere else.

These are just a few of the tips that should be kept in mind when it comes to ensuring the website design is up to par. There are going to be many moments where the design is not good enough, and that is not a good place to be in for the admin. Most websites will fall apart because of this alone, and that is something no one should have to deal with. Make sure that all of these details are being taken care of as soon as possible.

Online Reputation Management Tips And Tricks

When running a business, a few issues with customers might arise along the way. You can always resolve issues before the customer blasts everything on a public forum where they might warn other customers from buying your products or services. If you don’t have an online reputation management strategy, it’s easy enough to handle things that are thrown your way because otherwise you will become a sitting duck. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for online reputation management success.

1. Create A Presence On Relevant Web Properties

Create Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts for your business. Depending on the niche, you should choose the social media platforms that are specific to your business. For instance, in high tech, B2B or professional business, creating a LinkedIn page is actually valuable. On the other hand, if you’re in a visually oriented niche, sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat will come in handy. Additionally, you can always benefit from sharing videos through sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

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2. Stay Active On Social Media

Creating sites on any social media platform is important but you need to stay active as well. You need to develop an audience on these sites to interact with your customers, increase your influence and also boost your engagement scores. Keep in mind that if you don’t have an active presence on social media, it’s tough to counteract any negative comments from customers or other third parties. Note that, social media also comes in handy with your rankings. If you search anything on Google, the SERPs will also display your Twitter activity.

3. Consider The Brand And Products

Do you have product and brand names besides the company name? Well, you need to create social profiles for them too. By developing content different than the company name, it allows ranking for the brand and products too. If possible, you should develop websites, social media accounts, web pages or anything else that allows you to reserve the brand name. Of course, you should link these pages to your company’s official site or main social media pages.

4. Protect All The Individuals Associated With The Business

Any individuals associated with the business such as executives, owners and founders should have their own active and strong social media presence, as long as they are distinctive. As mentioned, by keeping a low profile to preserve privacy will make you a sitting duck for malicious defamers. For the companies where the identity is entangled with the executives, it’s important to create the best reputation management strategy.

5. Where Applicable Create Authorship

If done properly, authorship will become a very significant advantage to your business. Any business that’s closely associated with the proprietor or founder, Google demands that the authors should be individuals and the author tag should be used on the personal Google+ profile but not a business page.

6. Blogging

One of the best secret weapons for search engine optimization, blogging will boost your site’s ranking especially by using the right keywords. It’s also a good place to link your social media accounts for the best results. Besides ranking for the company’s name, it’s a solid foundation to respond directly to any negative assertions regarding your company.

7. Listen Carefully To The Complaints

When you’re responding to customer reviews and complaints, you need to listen carefully. In some cases, there might be some weaknesses in the system that needs to be repaired and these reviews will provide the best source of information. Rather than getting into a shouting match with the distressed customer try to find out the root of the problem and sort their problems.

What Will Be Most Important For SEO In 2018?

With 2018 just around the corner, it’s prudent to start preparing for what’s new for SEO in the new year. If you look at it as a layman you will find that SEO is quite complex, especially with so many attributes to the algorithm. However, you don’t need to know everything rather what will change time and time again. Here are some of the important trends expected to rule SEO in 2018 by topseobrisbane.com

• SERP Features Will Become Prominent

Previously, top organic rankings were recognized as the best way to attract traffic to any site. However, SERP features such as knowledge panels, local packs, featured snippets and much more have actually become more enticing to the searchers. Over the years, the SERP features have changed considerably and it’s critical for any website owner to track their rankings within the features.

Also, you should monitor the exact features that show up when users search your keywords and what might be affecting your traffic. There are a few analysis tools you can use to check the opportunities available with SERP features.

• Structured Data

It is an HTML formatting method utilizing specific vocabulary and informing search engines the best way to interpret and displayseo and traffic growth content in the SERPs. Google hasn’t confirmed yet that structured data is a ranking tool but it can come in handy if you’re looking for the best way to enhance your search listings. If you think about knowledge panels, rich snippets and graph panels, you can increase the click-through rate for your listings considerably and also boost your rankings. It’s hard to ignore the opportunity to stand out, especially since search results have come very diverse. There are many formats to stick to for structured data but you should start with Schema.

• Fast Loading Pages

With fast loading pages, you can guarantee a better ranking and improve the user experience on your site. Currently, Google expects every page to load within 3 seconds. To achieve this, you should take the speed test available on the Website Auditor. Look at the results to find out where and how you can tweak your site’s speeds for the best results.

• Content Relevance

Currently, it’s very hard to convince the search engine that your site has great content if it’s not there. On the other hand, you will be penalized for trying too hard. Google assess the quality of any content in various ways with latent semantic indexing being one of the crucial ones. The search engine surveys many pages and all the terms used in the content.

It learns the related terms and creates expectations on which terms will appear in any context thus deciding if any particular content is comprehensive. To boost your content relevance, you should research the top ranking pages in your niches and identify the features shared across all sites. Use any tools to scan through many pages at once for the best results.

• Voice Search

Are you wondering whether voice search actually works or not? Google has reported that lots of their users rely on voice search every day and it’s becoming popular compared to type search. It has brought about a completely different keyword research routine that’s because searchers will take advantage of conversational sentences and not query lingo that might sound odd. Start by using rank tracker to identify the most likely questions that voice searchers will ask. You will receive thousands of possible questions that people will ask and you can tune your content to match the answers they need.

In conclusion, don’t let your competitors win by falling behind with search engine optimization in 2018. Try these and more tricks for the best results.

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